Thursday, 1 March 2012

March 1st - Aligner 7

Ive not really wrote a whole lot on this as I had originally intended. My time with invisalign so far has been ok. I do tend to forget about them - ALOT - and not in a good way. I tend to eat my lunch and an hour later realise ive not put my aligners back in and then race upstairs. Ive come to work and took them out for a lunch break and then realised of not brought toothpaste with me and ended up leaving them out untill dinner. However even though im pretty much useless at wearing them properly I am seeing VERY noticeable results and I am only on tray 7.

So far as my front teeth were so crowded I have noticed a small gap appearing between my front teeth (i hope this goes though, although im sure its just the way the teeth are moving) I am noticing each morning as I floss between my two upper 'problem' teeth the gaps are getting slightly bigger each time. This is great news for me but I now seem to be left with off coloured teeth in the places that havnt seen light in about 16 years since I got my adult teeth!

The second week into my invisalign treatment I got attachments put on all of my 8 front teeth top and bottom besides the really set back tooth on top. After the six weeks wearing those aligners they had moved enough that they were able to put an attachment on that set back tooth too. I havnt noticed too much difference with the attachments and very few people have commented on them and usually thats only after I have told them I am wearing them so I have no complaints. My Ortho has told me that my next 3 sets are just 'straight aligners' so I am hoping that means I get the attachments off! I desperately want them off so I can whiten my teeth a bit. The attachments seem to stain instantly a lovely shade of yellow and I noticed a lot of my recent photos my teeth look really off colour. Fingers crossed ill get them off and then I can work on that hollywood shine!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Week 1, Day 2

Agony. I am in so much pain I feel like all my teeth are going to fall right out if I remove these aligners as if they are the only things holding them in.

After going most of my adult life suffering with overcrowding and the constant need for a filling or some other dental procedure since my teeth were so crooked it was so hard to clean them properly, I decided to take the plunge and get braces. I'm 26 and wouldn't have been all that embarrassed with a normal set of metallics but Invisalign just seemed like the more appropriate option for me and my Orthodontist seemed fine with it so I went ahead and paid for my treatment up front and started my first set of aligners yesterday.

In all I will have 28 stages until I (hopefully) reach my final result which will be - Straight teeth! Woohoo :) Just over a year. Already its becoming a pain taking them in and out to eat since the pain of removing them is horrible and I get attachments on in two weeks which I have heard can make it more difficult to remove them for eating, I do hope this is worth it!!

This blog will be to document 'My Time with Invisalign' so I can keep track of my progress over the next year. Any comments or advice from anyone else who has experience with invisalign are most welcome :)

x O x